Why Us?

We help startups, not for profits & other small/medium enterprises to leverage digital marketing and reduce their fixed costs.

To run digital marketing, most small and medium businesses hire full -time and perhaps outsource few services like SEO and Technical/Web maintenance.

In-house junior Digital Marketing hire :                                                                                       $65,000
Annual SEO agency hire :                                                                                                                $25,000
Technical Web Maintenance  (@100/hr ) :                                                                                 $18,000
Advertising Spend:                                                                                                                            EXTRA

Annual Total Spend: $108,000

Having a high upfront cost to manage the Digital Marketing services leads to the reduction of costs in Media spend, resulting in diminishing your advertising reach and revenues.

Valux Digital Marketing allows you to build a dedicated team of experts that allow you to do more and reduce your fixed costs.

So next time before you hire, think about the value your total dollars are generating in revenue!

Being a team of digital natives and entrepreneurs, we not only understand the challenges of SME’s but also the dynamics of the digital world.  It is keeping this in mind, our model of having a dedicated team of technology, creative, data and content people working on your business ensures you drive maximum quality work, in the quickest possible time at a very affordable cost.

Dedicated team per client
Quick turn- around time
work with the best skillsets
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