I get lucky

A program developed for class 5 and 6 students to help them develop new skills and foster self -development and growth.

I Get Lucky : The program for your child

“I Get Lucky” by working hard, being present and trying, again and again, inspite of any obstacles. This is the mantra that leads to not only a successful life but also a happy one.  A life in which making things better and being kind ( to oneself and others)  is intertwined with our everyday life. Just like most of the things, the process of analyzing and doing things in a certain way inculcates discipline and ability to give shape to one’s life in any circumstance.  It is with such a perspective in mind that the program has been developed.

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“I Get Lucky”  program is designed to deliver a total of 4hrs of education during a working week.

  • The 4 hrs a week program is split between two days – 2 hrs of Maths on one day of the week and 2 hrs of  Self-Development & Growth program.
  • The program includes : Supplemental Maths + New Skills Development, that foster’s confidence, perseverance, and resilience amongst children
  • “Maths” part of the program – follows the Victorian  School Curriculum in our 2hrs/week small group class.
  • Our  “Self Growth & Personal Development” part of the  program focuses on 4 core areas :
    • Mental and Physical Health
    • Building Resilience
    • Goal Setting and Achievement
    • Gratitude and Service

Locations : Conducted at meeting rooms of your local library at Hawthorn, Tarneit and St.Alban

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Maths Class Details

As per the Victorian School Curriculum
Small Group learning

Conducted at Meeting Rooms of  your Local Library



Self-development and Personal Growth Classes Details


Classes are structured to include  one or all elements in every class :

  •   Meditation/Mindfulness
  •  Computer Programming/ IT  Skill
  • Creative Skill Development
  • Outdoor Physical Activity/ Team Sport
  • Gratitude and Service

Some of the classes will encourage parent participation.

 Course Details:

The course is built keeping in mind an ongoing engagement.  As life is a combination of skills and abilities, so is this program, as it seeks to develop skills that will serve the student throughout their lives.  For example, under new skill development, students will be learning about Goal Setting ( total duration 1 month) or Programming /Coding for a period of 5 months or learning on the topic of Growth Mindset for 1 month, and so on. All these skills are complementary and even though mutually exclusive, they do impact the overall growth of a child’s psyche and development.  All the program elements are taken from available works of leading practitioners in the field.  For example, the “Growth Mindset ”   that is been used by us ( and is available for everyone for free ) is developed by Khan Academy in partnership with PERTS, a Stanford University center that builds on the research done by Carol Dweck, the mindset activities are fun and age-appropriate, providing a structured way for students to explore the science behind the idea that ‘You can learn anything’. Similarly, we derive our Mindfulness meditation lessons, from open resources available via UCLA  ( University of California ) and similarly, we may access different resources for our Programming lessons.  Most of the content that we impart during our classes have been developed by renowned experts or institutes in their respective fields and is available on world wide web for individual consumption. It is our objective is to structure and deliver on this knowledge that is widely available and help your child to imbibe these in their learning methodology  and gain a lifetime advantage.



Team member
Amit Kumar
A Digital Marketing and Analytics professional, Amit's keen interest in providing children education that is helpful and effective, resulted in the development of this program. In his previous roles in Marketing and Analytics, Amit had worked in USA and India for the likes of General Motors and Microsoft, before moving to Australia where he worked with various small and medium-size businesses. With a Bachelor's Degree in Maths and Statistics and MBA from Pune University, India, Amit is the founder and lead instructor for our "I Get Lucky" program.