Get your answers to successfully run your Google Adwords or Other Digital Media Buys

Have Questions around Google Adwords or other Digital Media Spend ? See if you can find answers to your questions in the tidbits below:

1. I have worked across clients that spend a few thousand dollars to a few million dollars a month, and there are 2 things that work for everyone: Consistency and Belief

2. Every account and every business needs to give themselves time – to watch, play and improve

3. If your competitors are doing it and growing and you are not. The problem is internal. Look inwards. Change. It is somewhere there- people, product, price, place, placement.

4. There is a solution out there. You just have not found it yet.

5. Set a goal and forget about it. Now just work every day towards it……you will be surprised by the reward your effort brings in after some time.

6. Do some Maths. A lot of Maths actually for some.

7. Don’t be afraid of what you are spending. Instead, focus on the Money you are making.

8. Dare. Start with small dares if needed and then keep going up. Don’t get comfortable with the existing Dare you made.

9. Follow the process- Prepare -Run -Measure, Prepare -Run -Measure, Prepare -Run -Measure, EVALUATE-MAKE CHANGES – Prepare -Run -Measure, Prepare -Run -Measure, Prepare -Run -Measure………

Let me know if you have any specific questions still that did not get answered.

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