Social Experiment – Weight Loss and Healthy Living

Is Weight Loss something you crave for?

Here is how I lost 9 kgs in 9 weeks and something you can do too.

I must say that I am no chicken myself, being 46 years old and recently had put on about 10 kgs from last when I saw the scale.

Anyways, coming back to the story, please read what I  did and my experience and learnings from this.

Also, see my proposal  – currently only for about 8 to 10 people who live in Hawthorn and around ( as it involves  walking in the park in Hawthorn and meeting up in Hawthorn)


My Road to Weight Loss

Here is How I  lost 1 kg a week for 9 weeks straight.

So How did I do it? For one I did not starve, I walked for an hour every day and ate healthily. Yes, I did cheat one day a week, in fact just one week a meal but that day I made sure I exercised more and skipped one meal.

What did I learn?

  1. You need to discipline with the right food.
  2. As long as you have the right food in front of you, you will be ok. Especially the times you are hungry and want something right away.
  3. Plan your meals in advance
  4. Replace those fattening meals which you go after with alternative and it works fine
  5. Exercise every day. A simple walk would help. If you have a hard time getting up, just get up, wear your attire and go. It helps to put on some music or listen to anything that might be of interest to you.


Like everything, there are some major pitfalls for some. While I did not have all the problems but I know some people do.


  1. Hunger Pangs
  2. Lazy to exercise
  3. No time to cook Healthy


My Solution

So while I am not lazy to exercise, I do have my days and I realize for those days I have found a solution- which is a motivated partner or a group ( and this is part of overall plan for those who want to experience it….at the end of the post)

For those Hunger Pangs I cooked  snacks before and also kept some quick snacks like Tinned Tuna, Apple, Cottage Cheese, Oatmeal, Blueberries and  drink lots of water. Somedays I supplemented with those Protein things/whey, just because I had them from earlier , so I would put it in my oatmeal or just drink up sometimes with milk.



Everyday  , Monay to Friday  I give you 2 Pack Meals ( Dinner for that night  and Lunch for next day)

For those 5 days – I will also give you a pack of Snack ( chicken/turkey patty) and roasted oatmeal – every Monday evening

In addition you will get a Diet chart that also tells you what else you would eat.

For example, you still need to buy eggs , tuna can , cottage cheese, milk, fruit

You will also get Group Exercise of 1 hr Walk every day…Just join the group


COST = $100 a week for 5 days of supplies


Hurry group starting on 31st March and I cant take more than 8 people this time.

Call me 0401 45 44 33  if you wanna join


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